Hangzhou Gao's hardware works

Date: 31st December 2015
65#high Carbon Steel Four Flute Wood Auger Bit

This patented self-feeding four-flute wood auger bit is our leading product,which has some extraordinary advantages as follows:
*Made of #65 high carbon steel (SAE1065 steel) for various woods drilling at 6 times faster than standard flat bits or its 3-flute counterparts.
*Full screw tip for ease of use and pull through.
*Cutting Spurs for clean holes with minimal 'break out'.
*4-flute Design for faster chip removing.
*Tapered Flute for less binding and ease of using.
*Full Length Heat Treatment for extra durability.
*1/4"Quick Change Shank for quick change adapter and connector system.
*The color in the spiral flute can be changed according to customers' special requests.